Explosive Emotions

"For your entire life have you always been much more sensitive than other people you know to rejection, teasing, criticism, or your own perception that you have failed or fallen short?” (Dr. W. Dodson)

If your answer is "yes," then it may be RSD. RSD is Rejection-Sensitive Dysphoria, what used to be considered the hallmark of Atypiclal Depression mood disorder, and is now being linked to ADHD.

While the term "RSD" continues to be debated by researchers and psychiatric professionals, those with ADHD agree this is the most difficult trait they and their loved ones have to deal with.

The attached article in Attitude magazine, written by Dr. William Dodson, explains how controlling these sensitivities can be difficult and challenging for the ADHDer.


As a professional treating those with ADHD, explosive emotions or over reactions are the top reason the individual with ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed) or their partner seek help. If you or someone you know struggles with this, I hope this information can help shed more light onto this much debated disorder.

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