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the ADHD guru facts:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has many myths surrounding it,

particularly with it's title. ADHD is not a disorder of attention deficits, it's actually a disorder of attention surplus.

Individuals with ADHD/ADD have many gifts such as: creativity, loyalty, curiosity, tenacity, pioneering, democracy (crave freedom), entrepreneural and many more.

Living with ADHD can be extremely challenging, but when you learn how to use your gifts/strengths to overcome those challenges, life can be satisfying and fulfilling (2 feelings ADDr's constantly chase).

As a certified ADHD specialist, I can empower you with the education and tools

needed to survive in a neuro-typical world. Who wants to be typical anyway ;)

Now offering in-home Neurofeedback services-please contact me for more info.

Testimonials from ADHD clients:

"Kristen's knowledge and approach are far superior to anyone we ever worked with. Our whole family has changed for the best!"  -J.D.

"I finally feel heard and seen by a professional after years of no-one really listening" - P.S.

"What I have accomplished with Kristen in 6 months will positively impact my life forever, especially my marriage." -G.R.

"Look no farther, Kristen is the real deal. She truly is the ADHD guru!" - J.N.

Getting diagnosed as an adult was life changing. Kristen helped me understand how my brain works and how to utilize my strengths." -H.W.

"Being a teen is hard enough, being a teen with ADHD is even harder. Working with Kristen made middle school less horrifying and now I get straight A's!" -A.F.